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Exam results

Well, I passed them all. Thank goodness. I couldn't bear to do resits too, it was hard enough the first time round...
I'm pretty happy with the results, except Psychology lol. I felt I'd done a bit better than that. Also, Sociology - happy with it, but thought it might be a bit higher, seeing as my essays got such good marks. Maybe my exam was bad :S

History - 63
English - 60
Psychology - 55
Journalism - 66
Sociology - 65
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Survey I stole from forum

Age: 18
Location: Glasgow-ish, Scottishland
General desc: 5'3". Dark brown hair just past my shoulders. Curvy. Green eyes.
Occupation: Uni student.

I KNOW: Nothing. That's how is seems, anyway.
I WANT: To be happy.
I HAVE: Too much free time. I should get a job.
I WISH: That the world would just stop.
I HATE: When my head hurts, like it does now.
I MISS: School. Things were at least a little more structured then.
I FEAR: Losing control.
I HEAR: Girls Aloud - Jump (For My Love), and chat beeping.
I SEARCH: For my house key, usually. I'm constantly misplacing it.
I WONDER: Why people keep saying I have to be strong.
I REGRET: Spending four years like this.
I LOVE: Nowhere near enough.
I ACHE: Inside. Feels like my chest is going to burst open.
I CARE: Too much, sometimes.
I ALWAYS: Log on to MSN when I come online. Maybe I shouldn't do it so much.
I AM NOT: Useful.
I DANCE: To the Gladiators theme tune, when it's on.
I SING: If I'm happy.
I CRY: Very little, because there's always someone around. And when I'm alone, I can't.
I DO: Nothing.
I FIGHT: With myself.
I WRITE: Not enough. I'm 4,626 words behind on my script :(
I WIN: Points on Neopets games.
I LOSE: At life.
I CONFUSE: Myself.
I LISTEN: To people. Well, I try.
I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: Online or watching TV
I NEED: To get it together.
I SHOULD HAVE: Gone to bed last night instead of staying up reading.
WHAT COLOR PANTS ARE YOU WEARING?: Stripy pyjama bottoms?
WHAT SONG ARE YOU LISTENING TO?: When You're Gone - Bryan Adams & Mel C. (Yes, I know - sad).
WHAT TASTE IS IN YOUR MOUTH?: None really, I just got up.

D O Y O U ?
GET MOTION SICKNESS?: No, thank goodness. I'm phobic about vomit.
HAVE A BAD HABIT?: Yes. I bite my nails, and the insides of my cheeks.
GET ALONG WITH YOUR PARENTS?: They say things and I put up with them. Does that constitute getting along?

TV SHOW: Bones/Grey's Anatomy
FOOD: Too many to list. I love food.

H A V E Y O U ?
BROKEN THE LAW?: Yes, but nothing major.
SNUCK OUT OF THE HOUSE: No. Bit hard when you live upstairs!
USED YOUR PARENTS' CREDIT CARD BEFORE: Yeah, mostly because they can't input their own stuff into web forms *eye roll*
SKIPPED SCHOOL BEFORE: No, I'm a good girl.
BEEN IN A SCHOOL PLAY: Not really, but I've been in school *shows*...a lot of them.
LET A FRIEND CRY ON YOUR SHOULDER: No. None of my friends ever wanted to.
EVER HAD A MAJOR REGRET: No, I don't think so.

CHILDREN: Maybe someday.
BEEN IN LOVE?: Yes, I am.
YOUR GREATEST REGRET?: I don't really have one in this category.

DO YOU HAVE A JOB: No. I should, though.
YOUR CD PLAYER HAS IN IT RIGHT NOW?: Hmm, I dunno. Blondie, maybe?
WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?: I answered this already, did I not?
WHO MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST?: I don't know. Forum people. Probably Joe.
WHAT'S THE NEXT CD YOU'RE GONNA GET?: I don't know. Maybe McFly's newest album.
WHO DO YOU CONSIDER GOOD FRIENDS?: Sarah, Nicola, Margaret T., Joe, Sven, Chris, Fee, Sammie, Rhiannon.

W H E N / w h a t - w a s - t h e - l a s t
TIME YOU CRIED?: Nearly about two minutes ago.
YOU GOT A REAL LETTER?: I don't even remember. It was probably from Margaret T.
YOU GOT E-MAIL: Earlier, to tell me I had a PM from Mio.
MOVIE YOU SAW AT THE THEATER: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

ABORTION: I think it's a good thing, to have the option.
SPICE GIRLS: I like 'em, sue me.
DOWNLOADING MUSIC ILLEGALLY: I don't any more lol, because I got too scared of getting caught, but the prices are definitely a rip-off.
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A rant on the demise of reality TV (and some dodgy Gladiators quotes)

I just lately discovered that FTN (channel 20 on Freeview) is showing reruns of Gladiators from 1995, from 7-8 each weeknight. I've become a bit addicted. There's something thrilling about watching people battle it out, being on the edge of your seat shouting "No! Go the OTHER way! He's coming that way!" when a contestant decides to go up the Pendulum and the Gladiator is coming down, or shrieking "Come on, come ON!" at your favourite contestant when two are running up the Travelators simultaneously at the end of the Eliminator. There's something so...unspoilt about it (and I don't just mean Ulrika Jonsson's hair. Gosh, she looks so young, so does John Fashanu. They present it, y'see, in case you can't remember that far back).
Because it WAS far back. It was 1995, for God's sake. 12 years ALREADY. I can't believe it. Where does the time go? And where does the quality programming go?
Well, ok, as my mum is always quick to say, Gladiators isn't exactly "quality programming" in the classical sense. It's extremely contrived, and pure entertainment. But isn't that what we expect from Saturday night TV?
Apparently not any more. You know, in this current climate of reality TV with all the crap we show - Big Brother, X Factor, Pop Idol, Grease Is The Word, Strictly Come Dancing...while I admit that each of these probably has their charms (well, except Big Brother, obviously :P), generally the reality TV right now is pretty pointless. Gone are the days when reality TV meant participating in games and possibly winning things, having a lot of fun and having five minutes of glory on TV in the process (think The Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard, Gladiators, It's A Knockout, etc.), not sitting at home on your sofa watching people - some really bad, some really good - compete for the prize, sometimes getting humiliated in the process, always trying to be realistic and convey real life, and then you vote for who you want to win. No longer is winning based on merit, but in fact now on the public vote. We pay to influence real life. Reality TV is no longer about fun and entertainment, it's about getting as much money out of the public as possible. Sure, shows like the ones I mentioned - Gladiators, It's a Knockout, etc - were very contrived. But that didn't matter, because they were FUN.
Where is the fun in reality TV nowadays? Answer me that.

And since those were more innocent times, I'm going to give you some quotes from Gladiators. And I swear to you, not one person burst out laughing or even sniggered after these were uttered. Clearly it really WAS a more innocent time.

Contestant: "I just couldn't get it up."
Announcer: "Unfortunately for Mike - no balls."
Gladiator: "I don't mind a bit of rough and tumbling going down. That's the best bit."
Announcer: "His speciality this season is the quick finish."
Ulrika: "Rhino, well, yes, he's wider than he is tall."
(Male) contestant: "Yeah, well, I felt the whole width, length and everything of him."
Announcer: "Cobra wields his ramrod for a quick up-and-over."
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Cookies and underachievement

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I've been really busy lately, and yet it feels like I've achieved hardly anything. My script is not happening right now, I seem to spend all day online and yet do nothing. Well, I know I do things, but in the grand scheme of things (or even the not-so-grand, everyday scheme of things), I don't seem to be achieving anything. All I do consistently is: go into chat, write down pointless things like quotes, and songs I must Youtube, and to-do lists that never quite get finished. I don't know if I've ever actually managed to finish a To-do list in my life.

Sad day.
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...It's absolutely BOILING here. I'm off to get into the spotty nightie so beloved of Myspace and SF chat, to cool off - and possibly have some chocolate. But that's me hoping for the best.
I took a Blogthing today to find my celebrity boob twin. They stopped at 32F so I just picked that.

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jenna Jameson

So yeah, I share boobs with an adult entertainment star. Don't know whether that's good or bad :P But probably good, because, as we all know...

Graphics - @

MySpace Codes for Images @

Sorry, I was just DYING to use that...think I'll go over to Realcurves and put it in my sig :P

I've been so bored lately, I'm going to have to look for a job. Yeuch.
Anyway. Hope y'all are having a good summer, and that it stays this warm!!
Peace out ;)

L xx
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Sociology Essay - Gender Inequality

What are the main features of gender inequality today? Critically evaluate two of the explanations of these features.

The main features of gender inequality today are: work, education, and gendered expectations in society. This essay will discuss how these inequalities can be accounted for according to the theories of liberal and fat-positive feminism. Liberal feminism is a theory of individual freedom, and its devotees are of the opinion that a woman’s private life should not be regulated by society, and wishes not to change the system entirely, but simply improve women’s experiences and rights within it. Fat-positive feminists, however, while having specific image-related beliefs, tend to ally themselves with the beliefs of radical feminists. These attribute women being oppressed to the “patriarchy” of society, and seek to challenge standard gender roles in a bid to change this.
Today, gender inequality in the workplace is still rife, despite the passing of the Equal Pay Act more than 35 years ago. This is illustrated in Scottish Enterprise’s figures of those in Modern Apprenticeships from April 2004-March 2005, (Equal Opportunities Commission, 2006, 3) which show that certain areas were still more male- or female-dominated; only 0.5% of plumbing apprentices were female, while only 0.9% of early years care and education apprentices were male. While those occupations with smaller numbers of apprentices were fairly balanced in the male to female ratio, six of the eleven occupations with more than 1000 apprentices were, “heavily gender segregated”, with such disproportionate representations of the “non-typical” gender as low as 0.5% (Equal Opportunities Commission, 2006, 3). However, figures from the government’s Women and Equality Unit show that in 2005, the mean pay gap between men and women who worked full time was just 17.1%, the smallest it has been since it was first recorded in 1970, so in this area at least, the situation appears to be improving (Women and Equality Unit, 2006, 2). Liberal feminists would argue that this gap should not exist at all, and women should be given the same wage as men; and that more women should be entering the so-called “non-typical” professions. Fat-positive and radical feminists would also view the wage gap as indicative that things need to change until women have equal wages, but their opinions stem more from the idea that the gap is caused by oppression of - and discrimination against - women by dominant men, and that this could be solved by changing the way society’s traditional power roles are held by men, as opposed to the liberal-held belief that society does not require to change, but simply needs more legal action to ensure fair and equal treatment of both men and women.
On the matter of education, there is no question of the difference in performance. In schools, girls are consistently achieving higher marks than boys. This goes for higher qualifications, too; the Scottish Qualifications Authority’s (SQA) statistics for 2005 show that out of a total of 616,978 entries for national units at Higher level, 342,375 of those were girls’, compared with 274,603 from boys (SQA, 2005, 24); while at Intermediate 2 level the difference drops, but is still noticeable, with 293,993 entries from girls and 262,549 from boys (SQA, 2005, 23). Once they leave school, however, according to a Scottish Executive publication on strategies to address gender inequalities in Scottish schools, this high rate of female achievement seems to drop. After leaving school, the publication states, “some young women who had demonstrated high levels of attainment in school were positioned by versions of 'heterosexualised feminities' into subordinate relationships with males.” (Scottish Executive, 2006, 5.iii) While the lack of sustained achievement would be lamented by liberal feminists, who would seek to find ways to encourage young women to achieve more after leaving school, fat-positive, radical feminists would be utterly appalled at the thought of female achievement being curtailed by the – seemingly undeniable and relentless – patriarchy of society. They would call for a complete change in society, claiming that males would have to be shifted from positions of dominance in the workplace and in everyday life, in order to give both young and older women – and non-dominant males, too – the chance to fulfil their potential, and thus create a fairer working environment with equal opportunities for everyone.
Finally, the largest and possibly most contested area of gender inequalities: gendered social expectations. The first of these expectations concerns the traditional gender roles of women staying at home to ‘keep house’ and look after children while men go to work and earn a living for the family. For a start, these traditional roles no longer relate overly much to today’s society, with the number of women in the labour force steadily rising. According to the office for National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey, 24,859,000 women over the age of 16 were in the labour force during October-December 2006, compared with 24,514,000 during the same period in 2004 (Office for National Statistics, 2007, web table 1). Additionally, more men are deciding to become stay-at-home fathers, allowing their partners to be the breadwinner instead. However, the stereotypes persist. Women who attempt to have a career are often criticised for neglecting their families; and even women in rather high-ranking positions can be forced to start all over again at the bottom of the career ladder after taking time off work to have children, particularly if she requires a position with more flexible hours in order to fit in childcare obligations. This, of course, is completely unfair, as it basically negates the woman’s achievements and essentially forces her to choose between having a career and having a family. This tends to apply more to those with specific “careers” as opposed to typical working class women who work simply to earn money, not to progress up a career ladder. However, working class women also have responsibilities to their families, as shown throughout history and today in some of the more disadvantaged areas where unemployment is a problem: “Feminist research, like studies of unemployment during the depression of the 1930s, shows that women bear the brunt not only of managing household expenditure on reduced incomes but also of the sacrifices made…Much…research literature suggests that women’s skill, resourcefulness and effort in ‘stretching’ the available money is a critical factor in the family’s ability to survive men’s unemployment. Further, women may protect both their children and their husbands or partners from the worst effects of ‘life on the dole’ by concealing their own worries, or prioritizing their children’s and the husband’s or partner’s needs.” (Robertson Elliot, 1996, 85-86) While the fact that the number of women in the labour force is growing would be welcomed by liberal feminists, it is likely that they would campaign for the introduction of legislation to prevent women being bumped back down the career ladder after childbirth; and encourage the wives of unemployed men to go out and find employment for themselves, and support their family that way. Fat-positive, radical feminism on the other hand, would rally fiercely against the notion of women choosing between career and family, and would blame this on oppressive, dominant males, who care more about making a profit than being fair to all employees. They would campaign for an overhaul of society – no doubt reminding men in the process that women aren’t required to bear children, but childbirth is essential for the continuing existence of the human race – and that these children will grow up to be the next generation of employees – both male and female.
The other most important gender role inequality in society is that of image. While it is commonly argued that there is increasing pressure on men to look good, and not just on women, it is safe to say that women do feel more of this pressure – not only in today’s society, but also have done throughout history. Women are constantly pressured to be what might be described as an “all-round package” – thin, attractive, intelligent, domestic…the list goes on. This image is perpetuated by the media. Women in the media are glamorous, famous, and usually very, very thin. Today’s society is becoming increasingly polarised, however. On one side, there are the celebrities and professionals, who are incredibly thin, polished, and glamorous. On the other, there are the apparent hordes of obese people that we keep being told about. An obesity epidemic! And then, in the middle, is the average woman, wondering where she belongs, in this world obsessed with weight loss – both to be achieved by those who don’t need it, so they continue not to need it, and by those who are supposed to need it, simply because being fat is seen as being undesirable and unhealthy, and they are not conforming to the cultural “norms”. However, these so-called norms are doing a lot more damage than good. Being constantly surrounded by media images of perfection, magazine articles on dieting and weight loss, and clothes which come in sizes that very few women could naturally fit into (referring, of course, to the hotly debated size zero, equivalent to a UK size four), makes healthy girls question their weight, feeling too fat to fit in with the trend of ever-shrinking celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan, and being scared to death of becoming obese like newspapers are constantly warning them against. In a society so obsessed with the size of women’s bodies - one way or another – is it so surprising that the number of women suffering from eating disorders is on the rise? It rose sharply in the 1980s and 90s as a result of the prevalence of leggy, emaciated supermodels, and it is still going. In 1992, 60,000 people were estimated by the Royal College of Psychiatrists to be receiving treatment for anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa at any one time in the UK. However by 2000, the British Eating Disorders Association believed that the number receiving treatment was closer to 90,000, with many more incidences of undiagnosed eating disorders, particularly bulimia (British Eating Disorders Association, 2000). Bulimia is more common, and according to figures from the BBC’s website, it’s estimated to affect between one and two percent of women who are aged 15-40, with anorexia estimated to affect between one and five teenage women in every 100,000 (BBC, 2006). While men and women of all ages can be affected by eating disorders, it’s apparent that a large number of sufferers are female, and usually young. This could be interpreted as saying a great deal about our society and the way in which many factors affect the self esteem of young girls, but the constant presence of professionally dressed and made-up, airbrushed women (they don’t mention that in magazines) only serves to make those who are in the stage of their lives where they are most vulnerable to outside influence, particularly over their bodies – feel bad about themselves, because they simply can’t match up to these unrealistic, unhealthy, but apparently desirable, ideals. On the issue of body image, liberal feminists would probably say that girls and women should not be made to feel so bad about themselves that it leads them to take such drastic action, and that this is an example of their core belief: that “one’s private life should not be subject to relation by society.” (Humm, 1995, 151). However, the distinction between the liberal feminist belief that society should not interfere in people’s private lives, and their lack of similar thought on people’s lives in the public sphere is illustrated by Judith Butler: “Although we struggle for rights over our own bodies, the very bodies for which we struggle are not quite ever only our own. The body has its invariably public dimension; constituted as a social phenomenon in the public sphere, my body is and is not mine.” (Butler, 2004, 21) Therefore, the liberal feminist view is that a woman’s body cannot be solely hers to ‘control’, if you will, because inevitably people will see and react to it. Fat-positive feminists, however, would be incensed. They believe – as their name indicates – that society’s disturbing trend towards unnatural thinness is inherently wrong. They believe that women are meant to be all different shapes and sizes, and that there is nothing wrong with being larger than the skinny waifs who adorn the catwalks, so long as you are healthy. Most women are simply not meant to be that tiny; according to a 1997 article by Kate Fox, “Even 25 years ago, top models and beauty queens weighed only 8% less than the average woman, now they weigh 23% less. The current media ideal for women is achievable by less than 5% of the female population – and that's just in terms of weight and size. If you want the ideal shape, face etc., it's probably more like 1%.” (Social Image Research Centre, 1997) Given that statistic, the fat-positive feminist beliefs are clearly more sensible. In this increasingly image-obsessed society, women would be well served to keep that in mind before they do some serious harm trying to starve themselves down to fit our unhealthy mould of body ideals.
In conclusion, the main features of gender inequality today are: work, education, and gendered expectations in society. The status of women in work is improving, but both liberal and fat-positive feminists believe the wage gap between women and men needs to be closed. Society needs to work on maintaining girls’ high standards of achievement once they have left school, to ensure that they fulfil their potential in the workforce, and in life in general. Traditional gender roles of mothers staying home and fathers going out to work need to change to keep up with the changes in society, particularly considering the issue of discrimination against women who are bucking the trend. And finally, body image needs to shift away from a focus on women’s bodies being thin, and towards the fat-positive belief that it’s perfectly fine to be whatever size they naturally are, because if they are healthy, that is all that matters.
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Things To Know And Tell About Me

 1. I sing. Loudly. In public.
 2. I have also been known to dance and skip, in public.
 3. My utter hypernss has caused David-from-uni to brand me insane.
 4. I am addicted to chocolate; specifically Guylian Belgian chocolate seashells (usually only on special  occasions) and double chocolate cookies from Millie's Cookies, which are just the best cookies in the world ever. Official.
 5. I have a laugh with a capital L. It is a Laugh. Sometimes it makes people turn around.
 6. I can be daring - but, for the most part, I won't do something if it's illegal.
 7. I have two teddies named George and Henry, and currently also a helium-filled balloon monkey called Gerald. Once he deflates, I plan to get a stuffed toy monkey, which I will call Gerald II.
 8. I have A Thing for jewellery, particularly earrings. THe bigger and brighter, the better.
 9. I obsess VERY easily.
10. I am a bit sensitive about: my stomach, my face, and being made to feel stupid.
11. I LOVE being naughty - particularly when other people have no idea, hence why texting appeals, and my phone bill is so big :-P
12. I am an only child, and as such, rather spoilt.
13. My taste in music is scorned by pretty much everyone. Everyone finds at least one track they like, then they wrinkle their nose at something else. I am not ashamed to admit that I go from Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, through Elvis and the Beatles with a long pause in the 60s - the best music decade, by far - and then through to the 2000s, picking up a few tracks along the way. Particular favourite atm are: The Go Goo Dolls, The Fratellis, The Beatles and The Hollies.
14. While they often cause immense difficulty in getting clothes to fit - particularly dresses of blouses - I am pretty proud of my 32FF breasts - not least because all the teen magazines always say girls will turn out like their mothers boob-wise - and mine's an A :-P
15. Most days I like having a nice orundy figure that goes in and out in all the right places. Sometimes I would gladly swap it for being straight-up-and-down if I could be thin.
16. I love words, and how people use them never ceases to amaze me.
17. I've always wanted to own something DKNY, but never managed it yet.
18. Some people who don't know me assume I'm a complete goody-gody. I often dream of telling them all the things I've done...just to see their reaction :-P
19. I VERY MUCH like to surprise people.
20. I figure only five people have seen me cry, my entire life.
21. I've done some things that maybe I shouldn't have because someone wanted me to, and I figured I was so lucky they even wanted me to, that I didn't stop to think about it.
22. However for the most part, I don't regret ANYTHING any more, becase now I see it's all brought me to here. And this is a good place.
23. I'm very much a night owl and not a morning person. For example, I wrote this in bed, at 2.10am.
24. I have stupendous hearing, and brilliant eyesight - up close. Ten paces away and everything blurs without my glasses. And yes, I wear glasses all the time. Contact lenses squick me.
And finally:
25. I have a havit of leaving everything to the last minute, I veer between being completely slapdash and being an outright perfectionist, and I have a disturbing grammar fixation. But despite all this, someone who I love, loves me, and I've never been happier in my life :-)
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2006 Survey I Stole From OpenDiary

1) Best Drinking buddy?
I guess none? Although Maggie listened to me witter on at Sarah's party, which was pretty cool.

2) Lifetime service award - Longest friend?
Probably Sarah...

3) Newcomer of the year - newest friend?

4) High Point of the year?
The stuff with Joe; singing in public; getting in to Strathclyde.

5) Low point of the year?
When I'd just started uni and was feeling like shit.

6) Best holiday?

7) Anthem for 2006?
...Um. Too many to count. But Whitney Houston's in there, as are Roxette, Tiffany...

8) Any regrets?
I don't think so.

9) Best Night out?
Sarah's party.

10) Worst Night out?
I don't go out enough to have a worst night out.

11) Who Did You Spend Valentines With?

12) Best relationship?

13) Worst relationship?

14) First Gig of the year?

15) Last gig of the year?

16) How did you spend your birthday?
Doing nothing. School, maybe. Who knows?

17) Best decision made all year?
To be open and just go for it with Joe.

18) What are your plans for next year?
Uni, and to go to London in July.

19) Most stupid idea when drunk?
...Probably to try to walk while thinking "I can stay upright". I fell into walls.

20) Biggest surprise of the year?
Joe's 'tip' texts, I guess. Oh, and getting into Strathclyde.

21) A phrase to sum up this year?
"Fortune favours the brave", perhaps. Even though I'm far from brave.

22) Most commonly used word/ phrase?
"Oh, FUN..."

23) Best Film?
13 Going On 30

24) Best Album?
Simon Webbe's "Sanctuary". It's bloody amazing.
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Sarah's 18th Birthday Party!!

Last night was AMAZING.

First of all, I don’t go out much. God, if you’re reading this, you probably know that already. I sit home and chat, or I watch DVDs. And yet…last night it was Sarah’s 18th birthday party, and so I got all dressed up in my spotty top and black trousers and then I ventured out, ready to leave as soon as I felt like it.
First of all, when my Dad dropped me outside the Malt, where I’d agreed to meet Sarah, Maggie, Sarah’s sister Christine and her friends Amanda and Tam, I was half an hour late. Well, it took me ages to get ready…
Anyway, I gave her her presents, and she loved the jewellery box I got, and the little Me To You 18th birthday bear :-D And so I sat and listened to Christine telling her to “Eat! I’m under orders,” and then once they were done with their food, we walked down the hill to the Caley bar.
That in itself was a great feat. First of all, Sarah had had like three drinks already…Maggie had had two…I was the only one who hadn’t had any. And Sarah was wearing a SKIRT and a really low cut top…so the wind was simultaneously blowing UP and DOWN her outfit…lol!!! It was brilliant. Anyway, so ten hours later we eventually got there…and started laughing as we looked at all the old embarrassing pictures of her posted around the walls… :-P
So I sat at a table by myself for awhile, because the birthday girl was busy being adored :-D and Maggie and Sarah’s younger sister Jayne were up dancing. However after a bit Maggie came back, and Gordon (coolest cousin in the world, OFFICIAL) bought me a drink because I didn’t know if they’d serve me at the bar…and then everything kind of took off from there.
Basically by the time I was three long vodkas in I’d got a fit of the giggles. And then they brought out the buffet…I fell down the step to the buffet…which Lisa noticed but was too polite to comment on :-P And I fell into walls…doors…had a very amusing conversation with Nathalie over the toilet doors… “Merry Christmas and happy Thanksgiving!” “Thanksgiving’s past!” “Is it? Why don’t I celebrate Thanksgiving?!” “Because you’re not American.” “Oh. Do they celebrate it?” “Yeah.” “Ugh. Do you get presents at Thanksgiving?” “No.” “Oh, well what’s the point of that then?!”
Normally I would have gone into the whole “Mayflower…native Americans being killed by the white settlers…etc.” explanation but I was laughing too hard to care. And then I got back to the table and yelled in Maggie’s ear, “Nathalie is SOOO funny!” and she’s just sitting there going, “Uh-huh…yep…maybe make the next one a Coke?”
In total I had five long vodkas. There was much dancing (Gordon is FANTABULOUS lol. Should have seen us all during the Grease Megamix…absolutely hysterical!!), and I bumped into a lot of things (I have a bruise on my arm from a door and one on my leg from the corner of a table), and I also knocked over a tableful of drinks…that was quite bad, lol.
I think a great time was had by all, anyway. I know Sarah had a great time :-P We lost count of how many drinks she’d had after about 7 :-P Anyway, hopefully there will be pictures up soon, and then you can all point and laugh :-P
Hope you’re all doing ok and that everyone who was at the party last night had as great a time as I did, lol!

L xx
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Today was WEIRD.
I got up and had to RUN for the bus because I was so late leaving the house...laughing at the posts on Jess's "Does Size Really Matter?" thread, on which my name has been mentioned SOOO many times...not sure whether that's good or bad :-P
Then the bus on the way in was interesting.
When I got in, I was walking down Cathedral Street with a big goofy smile on my face yet again (I must stop that whole bus thing. It's not good, one of these days some thug's going to beat me up for smiling at them. It IS Glasgow, you kow). So I got to Journalism and the first thing Carol asked me (she's always first in the room) when I walked in the door was, "How's the romance going?" And so I just said, "Good, very good." And then started grinning like an eejit again.
Journalism was so, SOOO boring.
Then I went to the library - and not my Psychology tutorial!! Whoops - and spent two hours in chat, firstly having a minor meltdown of the "Oh noes!" variety rather than the "I hate myself and want to die" variety; then latterly talking about orgies and being called by all three guys in the room at the same time...
After that, I received some messages from Mal trying to guess who my mystery man is (Alex? Du-ude) and Xan with a suggestion for something I could try...Lindsay now thinks he's a pervert :-P
Oh, and I got a Superhero Triangle drawn on my arm. Michelle was Super Slut so I don't know who I'm supposed to be. Sal was Mr Angle *sniggers* Although we did have a good laugh, we passed a note and I laughed about how boring his email address is, lol.
That's pretty much it. Oh, and Mal just told me that I'm not boring, no, I'm "stimulating ;)"

Anywhore. Peace out, gang :D

L x

P.S. Not gonna tell ya, not gonna tell ya...Mal, you will be left wondering :-P
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