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I got the High School Musical 2 soundtrack today, in a gift box which actually cost less than the soundtrack on its own when I was looking at it a week ago XD Clearly, I pwn. Yes, I got the last 'gift box' on the shelf, and it has a t-shirt (Ok, it's size "140cm" but you can't win everything) and a poster and the soundtrack CD and two postcards :) Chad and Ryan are together on the poster, but Chad isn't on the postcards. Taylor is in the poster too, sadly, though. But at least the Chadless postcards mean they're also Taylorless XD I still don't like her.

Anyway. I went to see the new Katherine Heigl film today, 27 Dresses, and it was really awesome. I had a massive sugary drink thing (one and a quarter, really, since the first one leaked and they gave me a new one!) and so I was on a freaking sugar high anyway, but it was truly brilliant. I loved it. I'm a sucker for cheesy romantic movies though. Cheesy movies in general, as evidenced by my HSM obsession, in fact XD

Anyway. I'm ridiculously pleased at bagging this soundtrack for not only less than the price I saw it at last week, but less than half price of the gift box's original price XD Oh yes, clearly I truly DO pwn! Bwahahahaha.

I don't have much to report really. I've been reading a LOT of fanfiction and listening to a LOT of music. Oh and I discovered an awesome Firefox extension that lets you sign in to Livejournal from one account to another with like a single click. Ingenious! I'm like in love with it now XD

New or restored obsessions since I wrote substantially: High School Musical; fanfic; music; fanmixes :)

I'm actually working on my own fanfic at the moment, so that's pretty awesome :) I'm really loving them right now.

Anyway, I must go. NCIS will be on soon and I need to be offline in time to watch it :) Take care everyone, hope everyone is doing well!

L xx

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