April 18th, 2008


An UPDATE for once...

Yeah, hi, I've been neglecting this journal because of fandom, but then I've been neglecting real life because of fandom, so...nyeh.

Everything is almost booked, flights and travel insurance so I just have to get my Wrockstock Pass and book my NEWTs and I am off to Missouri in 35 days...it is exactly five weeks away...omg. So this time in five weeks and one day I could have flown on a broom (yes, they offer that. That's one of the NEWTs. A zipline with brooms attached. Hell yes, our fandom is the coolest!!)...and I could have hugged a Malfoy. THE BEST KIND OF MALFOY. That is, the guys from Draco and the Malfoys XD Well, Brian did say on our thread he would hug us. So I'm all yay, I totally want one of their tshirts...maybe more than one. Wrockstock'll be my first chance to actually buy any US merch!...but no HatP :( And no MoM! I so want one of their tshirts. I'm going to cry now XD
(Actually my mother suggested I bribe someone into getting me one and sending it to me, or bringing it to Wrockstock. I would really REALLY like for that XD I wonder where they sell them. Hmmmm. Stupid no-selling-merch-online rules :/)

Ha, so I'm going late to Wrockstock because I have an exam that day (FAIL! Stupid Intro to Social Theory!! The lecturer was like "NOOOO!" because she wants me to like Social Theory XD I was like "I know it's not your fault. Lame exam organisers." She actually phoned the department from the lecture hall like, "Do we have any say over changing exams for undergraduates?!?!?!" because she didn't want me to a) have to miss out on going or b) hate social theory. But it happened anyway XD They can only change them for postgraduates, it turns out. Ah well. At least I still get to go :) And I arrive back in Glasgow at 9am Wednesday morning and guess what? I have an exam at 9.30 on Thursday XD So I'll be half dead but the important thing is, I'll get to hang out with fellow Invaders Spirit and Lauryn (married lesbian couple from Canada - 19 and 20 respectively), Tim (DJ Knockturn) and Shawni (whom none of us have met XD) along with freaking ABBY and PAUL and other people for dinner on the Monday night!! Before possibly going shopping in The Loop on Tuesday! And a hotel room party on Monday night (a tame one) for Spirit and Lauryn's six month anniversary!...yes, it's going to be SO FREAKING AWESOME.

(I'm getting excited, can you tell? XD)

So yes. In other news, still no job. I'm holding off til I come back I think, it seems like a good plan, except probably all the new high school leavers will also be looking for a job. Hmmm. Well, hopefully it'll work out XD I was planning my "MAK TOUR OF AMERICA" in bed earlier hahaha. Next summer, baby. And I know that nobody knows what MAK is...unless one of two people are reading this...and that's unlikely...but all will be revealed, and probably quite soon, and just... SQUEE.

Also, I received my MarvelousMail assignment this morning and it's a girl who lives in Greenock :) So I'm very happy! It won't take as long to arrive then YAY. The theme this time is "decades" so I was thinking perhaps 50s but looking at her profile I see that in her interests she lists "80s" and "80s music" so there goes the pin-up babes, Marilyn Monroe style stuff (although perhaps that is just too much my own preference anyway XD) and the amusing songs like "Pink Shoelaces" and stuff. Sometimes I think I should have been a teenager in the 50s XD seriously. Then I would have been in my 20s in the 60s...then perhaps I could have been a session drummer after all!...and yes, I might have stooped to attempting to incapacitate Ringo Starr. What, I'm only human ;)

ANYWAY! Yes, so for 80s things I shall go a-looking :) should be FUN! And I'll send out thoughtwaves that say "50s...50s...50s..." XD

(though she is also a Harry Potter fan, which makes me very happy. Darn decades assignment!!! XD Ah, maybe I can work it in somehow ;) )

Also: hahahaha they have made a film of "Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging" by Louise Rennison. The trailer looks infinitely childish but HILARIOUS. Have a look Doesn't it look hilarious? XD I'm sorely tempted to see it, you know. Ah dear.

Also, can I just say this now: AHHHH! A-Slack will not only be at Wrockstock (of course) he'll be giving speeches! And it's going to be SO AWESOME. There had better be a finale of The Weapon this year again or I will CRY. I'm not joking. The video from last year is so good I downloaded it to put on my iPod. Also, there was talk of a Wizard Rock Zombie Fangirl Movie XD which would be HILARIOUS. The wonderful guy who does makeup and is in The Quaffle Kids (I really want to say Andy...I hope I'm right), he posted some pics on the forum thread and we were all like :-O ...zombielicious!! So it'd look really good. But what do wizard rock zombie fangirls WEAR?!?! lol. I'm sure we'll figure it out anyway :)

I think that's it really. I have been leading a VERY boring life. Oh, although I did find a program which I'm trying to use to put fanfic on my iPod. Mixed success at the moment XD

Anyway, I guess that's enough for one day :) Hope you guys are all doing well!! Take care, and...argh! Jess! Only 34 sleeps! :-P

L x

P.S. There is talk of wizard rock meetups in England either before Wrockstock with a select few *grin* or in July with the WHOOOLE UK gang. (er, for the uninitiated, I'd hazard a guess that that includes a bundle of wizard rockers and some fans. There don't seem to be as many fans as wizard rockers however. Hmmm. And me, being a trusty reporter, of course ;) Oh, in saying that, Cauldrons and Chocolate Frogs is on hiatus. Coming back next month :) In case anyone here is interested :-P)


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Bwahahaha, the year I was born XD